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About Mark Kelly

With over 25 years of experience, Mark Kelly's expertise supports and assists veterans,  seniors and their families towards their goals of establishing a blueprint for a “Senior Living Plan” to either stay at home, down size to a smaller home or transition into a senior living community and assisting in “bringing everything else together”!

Early in his career, Mark served in the U.S. Army based at Ft. Hood, Texas, from 1975 to 1978. He served two tours of duty in Europe and subsequently attended the prestigious Goethe Language Institute in Germany. For two years Mark was a student at the highly acclaimed University of Vienna. Mark is also an alumnus of St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa, where he majored in Economics, German, and Business Administration.
Mark has personal interests in survival schools, triathlons, backpacking, and camping. He and his wife, Jasmyn, are the parents of two children, Chelsea and Jackie (U.S Marine!). The family enjoys skiing, snowboarding, tennis, hiking and travel. They reside in the suburbs of Troy, Michigan.


Mark is one of the very few in Michigan that has completed the stringent requirements by the Veteran's Administration to become an “Accredited Agent” for veterans who are pursing veteran's benefits.  He is also licensed and insured in the State of Michigan as well as registered with other regulatory agencies.

A benefit that Mark provides in consulting senior clients, is the ability to combine multiple income sources including “Veterans Pension Benefits”, social security, retirement pensions, long term nursing insurance and investment portfolios which can drastically change on the death of the first spouse.  Therefore, addressing these obligations early on helps to avoid income short falls for the surviving spouse.

In addition, providing resources for real estate options, advanced legal elder care/law planning, in home care, and visiting doctor's  just to name a few of the other programs that are at Mark's disposal.


The “Senior Living Plan” consulting process

 Mark believes a well thought out plan should serve as the foundation of a long-term relationship with a client.  He utilizes advanced technology plus the skills that he has developed working with seniors as well as a multitude of senior communities throughout southeastern Michigan.

Implement a four-step process to design your customized “Senior Living Plan”:

Step 1 — Understand your goals
Mark first conducts a personal interview with you to obtain the background data needed to develop your “Senior Living Plan”.

Step 2 – Develop the plan
Your second meeting with Mark is designed to develop a shared vision of your needs and long-term goals for senior living.  He will perform a comprehensive presentation in one easy-to-digest report that you can consider. You will have the opportunity to raise questions and confirm his interpretation of your senior goals.  Once this is done, he will review specific recommendations for your approval.

Step 3 – Implement recommendations
At this point, Mark will help you execute the recommendations based on your approved plan.

Step 4 – Evaluate progress
Like all progressive plans with goals, your senior care future requires ongoing long-term maintenance to work as your personal situation changes with future events. Your plan will be reviewed regularly, and changes made as circumstances in your life occur.

Mark is always available for fielding questions for you, your family and friends and supporting your progress in any way he can.